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Staten Island Basement Flood Restoration is the most qualified flood water extraction company you can contact for flooded basement water removal and restoration services. Our professionals go through a rigorous training and certification process which makes them the most capable water damage cleanup technicians in the industry.

Our leak detection technology finds the source of water in flooded basements too. Whether it’s a ruptured hose, pipe burst, or appliance failure, we can handle it for you. When water soaks your carpets or leaks through your drywall to flood your basement, our water removal and cleanup specialists will make your space beautiful again.

Below is just a partial list of Plumbing Services we offer:

Locate Cause of Flood & Repair
Pump Out Water From Flooded Area
Dry Floor With Commercial Fan Dryers
Clean Out Basement or Damaged Area
Remove Damaged Rugs or Material
Sanitize Damaged Area
Test Damaged Area for Safe Conditions
Return Home to Original State or Better

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