Expert Plumbing Repair in Staten Island, NY

Plumbing issues don’t sleep

It’s 2 AM and the toilet is running again. No matter what you do, it just won’t stop. Is this the 10th time or the 100th? You’ve lost count. The only thing you know is that you won’t get any sleep until it’s fixed.

Whether it’s an incessant drip or a kitchen sink that won’t drain, plumbing issues are certainly annoying. But ignoring them could lead to worse issues like water damage, mold, peeling wallpaper, or pest infestations. It isn’t a pretty picture.

Get help fast

At Staten Island Plumbing, we’re available for 24-hour emergency repairs across the entire island. Our experience over three decades means we can fix any kind of leak, blockage, flood, or burst you can think of.

We’ll find out if your upstairs bathroom is leaking because of a faulty drain, missing caulk, or loose supply line. We can also work on water heaters, appliance hookups, pool heaters, BBQ gas lines, and more. Our licensed technicians arrive with stocked trucks ready to get the job done fast.

Relax and enjoy your home

We don’t think of plumbing repair as fixing an issue that you have. We view it as giving you back your free time to enjoy your home. You’ve invested a lot in your home, so helping you keep it in good shape is our priority.

Call us now for emergency plumbing repairs or use the form to schedule free estimates for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and water heater repair.

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    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Does Staten Island Plumbing provide services on the weekends or after hours?

      Yes, we have specialists on call 24/7 and can get to most plumbing emergencies in under an hour. Your backed-up drain doesn’t care about regular business hours, and neither do we.

      Are there any special deals?

      We have a number of coupons available for different repairs and installations. Check out our coupons page and mention one during the call to get a discount.

      Does Staten Island Plumbing follow social distancing and COVID-19 safety procedures?

      Yes, our technicians use personal protective equipment in your home and wipe down touchpoint surfaces upon exit. Safety is our top priority, and that means protecting you and your family from taking on any risk when inviting us into your home.

      What are the most common plumbing problems in Staten Island, New York?

      The most common issues we see are running toilet bowls, leaking kitchen sink faucets, leaking pipes under the kitchen sink, dripping bathroom faucet, a leak coming through the ceiling, and clogged or overflowing toilet bows. Some problems may just seem annoying, but many can lead to worse issues over time.

      What qualifies as a plumbing emergency?

      Whether you have a burst pipe, leaky faucet, or a backed-up toilet, we’ll come out and fix it at any time. If you call and say you need plumbing services right away, we won’t refuse.

      What other services do you offer?

      We offer plumbing, heating, air conditioning, sewer, water heater, drain, and basement flood restoration services across Staten Island. We’re centrally located by the Staten Island Mall and have technicians ready to get to any part of the borough, from Saint George to Tottenville.

      What makes Staten Island Plumbing different?

      Unlike many of our competitors, we only work in Staten Island, NY. We have firsthand knowledge of the different neighborhoods in this place we call home. That means you won’t have to wait for a technician to come from another borough to get plumbing, heating, air conditioning, or sewer service.

    Just a few of our plumbing services in Staten Island, New York

    Leak detection

    With our 24/7 plumbing services, you don’t need to know exactly where a leak is coming from. If you see water where it shouldn’t be, we’ll come and diagnose the problem and provide a solution.

    Shower and bathroom plumbing repair

    Whether you have a leaking faucet or a tub that won’t drain, we’ll get your bathroom in working order.

    Kitchen sink faucet leaks

    A kitchen sink leak isn’t just annoying, but it wastes water and can cause damage to your countertop. Call your 24/7 emergency plumber at Staten Island Plumbing for quick service.

    Garbage disposal repair

    Don’t risk injury if you aren’t comfortable fixing a garbage disposal. Let us handle it instead.

    Clogged kitchen drain repair

    Even with a disposal, the kitchen sink can get clogged with gunk over time. If your sink isn’t draining, call our emergency plumbers 365 days a year.

    Clogged toilet repair services

    Sometimes, a clogged toilet is too much for a regular plunger. Don’t worry, our plumbers will come and snake the pipes for you and clear the pipes.

    Repair pipe breaks from frozen water

    The winter in Staten Island, New York can be pretty to look at but harsh on your home’s pipes. Frozen water in a pipe can make it burst in your walls or at another pressure point like a faucet. Our technicians are experts at diagnosing and repairing pipes damaged from ice.

    Sewer line repair services

    If the blockage is located beyond the bathroom plumbing, we’ll find it. Call us for emergency sewer line repair in Staten Island, NY.

    Hot water heater leak repair

    A leaking water heater is a serious issue that can cause damage to the entire unit, and working on a water heater yourself isn’t recommended unless you have experience. Call our water heater specialists for fast repair in Staten Island, NY.

    Sump pump repair services

    If you haven’t had to deal with your sump pump, that’s a good thing. A broken pump can lead to a flooded basement and expensive water damage, so call Staten Island Plumbing for a quick repair or free estimates.

    Appliance hookups

    When it’s time to install a new dishwasher or washing machine, it’s best not to guess at the installation if it’s your first time. Call our technicians in Staten Island, NY to hook up the water supply and drain lines and make sure everything is running right.

    Related services

    Often, a water leak or broken pipe doesn’t exist in isolation. Our services include plumbing, heating, air conditioning, sewer, drain, basement flood restoration, and more.

    Happy Customers

    I have had both scheduled and emergency work done and am very impressed with the quality of the work. Great prices, good explanations, and very professional! I recommend and use them as my go-to plumber!

    5.0 rating May 15, 2020 from Steven

    I had an emergency situation with a major water leak. I called and spoke with Anthony. He had a technician at my residence within one hour. A technician named Robert arrived and was professional and very courteous with all parts and tools required. He was experienced and had the job fixed in less than 30 minutes. I highly recommend this company.

    5.0 rating April 24, 2020 from Wayne

    We had a clogged toilet after a large day-long family party. Robert was there in 30 minutes and snaked it gently for 20 minutes or so and got the line clear. Yay. Thanks.

    5.0 rating March 2, 2020 from Bernadette

    Don’t wait for plumbing issues in your Staten Island, NY home to get worse

    We take pride in giving great customer service any time of day or night. Whether you have a leaky faucet or a flooded basement, just call and we’ll be on the way to fix your plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and more.